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Hello Again,

It’s been an exciting year here, on the farm. We have succeeded in obtaining our trademark and undertaken business development, including University studies, to learn pasteurisation and determine best before dates so that we can now feature in a farm shop near you!

For those of you new to Peter’s Eden, we are a family run business with a keen interest in sustainability. We run a smallholding that has a social enterprise commitment to our local community and we have been trading in homemade and grown produce since 2006.

Our cordial business grew from a simple desire to provide our children with tasty refreshment that is free from preservatives. It is our pleasure to announce that our revised recipes now contain less sugar than ever while still retaining their wonderful natural flavours.

We are excited to say that our cordials will be available for regular sale again, in Spring 2016, with the addition of a new signature flavour and refreshed label design.

We will be updating our site across the next few months to let you know about all the exciting developments unfolding on the farm.